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Payung is a popular term for an eating outside table in Malaysian cafetarias. This page is dedicated to those who like to hang out under the payung and engaged in meaningful discussions. Some says that payung is a waste of time... some view payung as a place to see the world... some people simply avoid payung... some can't resist payung... some warm up the seat under the payung... Whatever the purpose is, here's what goes on under the Payung.
Ruangan Jual Beli  

Jika anda ingin menjual sesuatu atau membeli sesuatu.. iklankan di sini. 

    IPDA Homepage  
    Thanks to XOOM, IPDA now have a new page after the uncertainty at MTK server. If XOOM doesn't work try HERE AS A MIRROR SITE  

    You can find articles contributed by members in this page. Articles are of various topics of interest which may be helpful in getting through life. 

    Lingua Franca  
    This is a Bahasa Melayu page. Members contribution and Bahasa links can be found here. 

    Ruangan ini membolehkan kita bertukar pendapat berkaitan dengan pendidikan guru. Webmaster tidak akan bertanggungjawab atas apa yang dimuatkan dalam forum ini. Apa yang dimuatkan adalah pendapat individu dan bukan pendapat Webmaster Payung.  

    Tech Talk  
    Technology around Payung including some hints on Web-Page development can be useful here.

So you've been to Payung and we thank you for that. Please drop your comments before taking off. Your contributions are always appreciated. If you're interested to become a member, just e-mail your application to the webmaster.
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